We are a Marketing & Business company which support 
self-publishing indie studios 🦝    

We don't take flat fees, but we are relief on the success of your game by taking a share on net revenue


We help with the global strategy, the budget distribution and everything needed to release a game. We also build communication plans & execute them along with other partners. You will always get the last word on any decisions.

Business Development

We will find the right partners for you and negotiate deals that meet your needs (Asian market partners, console ports, physical partnership...). We will also seek opportunities with platforms (Cloud, Bundles, Streaming...). We will give our opinions & analysis on deals, but you are the only one to decide!


Depending on your needs, we will bring your game to more stores (GOG, Humble, Epic and more...). We will help you to avoid gray market as much as possible.
We want to help indie studios to become essential players in their marketing strategy. We are used to video game marketing, but we want your insights and your opinion, and we will share our knowledge with you. 
We are aiming to establish fair relationships.

Who we are

Mylène Lourdel (she/her)
Marketing Strategy
PR & Influencers Strategy
Johann Verbroucht (he/him)
Marketing Strategy
Advertising Strategy
Steam Specialist
Galdric Borrat (he/him)
Business Developer
Partners Sourcing

Raccoon Business Projects

Exogate Initiative

Marketing, Business Development, Distribution

The Wreck

Marketing, Business Development, Distribution

Shotgun King

Business Development, Distribution

Spellcaster University

Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Distribution

Tin Can

Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Distribution
While thinking about working with partners, do not hesitate to get opinions of devs they worked with!